Upping our RV Cooking Game

When we had our travel trailer we mostly used it for weekend trips. We’d cook some quick tacos or grill up some burgers or steak. While we do eat out a bit to try the local cuisine we do like to cook at home too, so once we started full-timing, we needed to up our cooking game AT the camper.

Shortly after we hit the road, we bought the Traeger Tailgater — a portable smoker. We did not have one at our house previously so this our first experience. Since we got it, we’ve smoked ribs, chicken and a tri-tip beef roast. Side note to my gluten-free crowd — these meals are is gluten free as long as the spices, bacon and meat you are using are gluten free. Also, per the National Celiac Association, the wood pellets are also gluten free.

Smoked Ribs

First the ribs. They were on the smoker most of the afternoon and they literally fell off the bone when we ate them. Our rub included equal parts salt, paprika, brown sugar, pepper and then we added a dash of chili powder. To top it off, we used Sweet Baby Ray’s original BBQ sauce.

Bacon-wrapped Chicken

This prep on this one was minimal. We had two large chicken breasts and wrapped them with most of a pound of bacon. We didn’t have toothpicks to secure the bacon, but the skewers we had worked great! We smoked it until it got to 165 degree internal temperature. It was very juicy and delicious.

Tri-tip Beef Roast

Tri-tip beef roast. This cut of meet came highly recommended. We’ve never purchased it or eaten it (as far as I know). But we wanted something special for Father’s Day. We purchased a 2 pound tri-tip roast and used the rub from this recipe. The meat was tasty however, the rub — honestly — was a bit overwhelming. I think we’d try something else first before going back to this. However, if we did use this recipe we’d use much less of the rub.

When we’re all done with it, we put it away in our storage area. The size when stored is roughly three feet wide by 2 feet tall and about 18 inches deep. We purchased this on our own.

*This is not a sponsored post from Traeger.