Week One: Boondocking in Wyoming

As soon as we moved out of our house on May 28, we went straight to a KOA in Fort Collins, CO.

Not what you were expecting for a first line on boondocking in Wyoming? Probably not. But we were so exhausted, our first place to stay needed to be full hookups because we needed both the luxury and to have access to stores to get some supplies.

Not much to tell there OTHER than we did meet someone from Cheyenne and he told us about a few boondocking places in Medicine Bow National Forest (actually there are a lot). It had been our plan all along to boondock outside of Laramie, we had an idea on where we’d go, but this person knew the places that a big rig could go. And on Memorial Day we found this spot (the banner image on this page) where you could easily see 50 miles.

What we learned while boondocking

First — wow — does it get dark at night! But on the plus side, the star gazing is amazing!

Second — more batteries. We had two 6v AGM batteries, but even if they were fully charged, they would drain by about 3am. By adding two more (which happened a few days into our boondocking stay) we were able to get through the night with a fan on.

Third — it’s so great to be able to hike off leash and play ball with your dog. When you have nothing but land around you, you can do that!

Getting organized and checking the sights

One of the boondocking sites we saw. It was too small for our rig (and the road was pretty rough), but it is remote and has a good view!

Turns out the Andersen RV blocks (the bucket-looking things that attach to your jacks) that Joel ordered to arrive at our Fort Collins location, suddenly were not going to arrive until two days after we left. Luckily, Laramie isn’t too far from Fort Collins. So Joel made a day trip down there to pick up the shipment once it arrived. Since he was doing that, he also brought our dog in for one more eye check (she had scratched it a few weeks before). With those errands done we could settle in a bit more. When Joel wasn’t running around getting batteries and missed packages, we were working (we both did a quick hike around cool rock formations nearby and then a few days later we went on a hike and scoped out more boondocking sites (and the sometimes-questionable roads to get there).

We played a little corn hole and went into Laramie for dinner one night. All in all, it was a fun way to settle in as a full-time RVer. Our destination for the next week: Heber City, Utah.