Where to eat in Heber City?

We had the opportunity to eat out twice in Heber City. We chose the Back 40 Ranch House Grill and The Hideout Steakhouse.

The Hideout Steakhouse

The Hideout Steakhouse was pretty good. Its website says “We are proud to offer Steak on a Stone. Where you the customer can cook your steak to preference right at your table.” Sounds cool enough. But that certainly didn’t happen. They just cooked the steak and brought it to the table like any other restaurant experience.

They only served wine and beer, and I don’t know if we caught them on a bad day, but my first choice from the wine list, they didn’t have in stock. Then I heard the next table over order a type of beer and they were told it was also out of stock. The food was pretty good, but paled in comparison to the place we had gone to previously in Heber City.

Back 40 Ranch House and Grill

The receipt from the Back 40 Ranch House and Grill is at least proof we were there!

The food at the Back 40 Ranch House and Grill was so amazing, we forgot to take pictures! I do have a picture of the receipt to highlight this delicious sparkling wine that came from a can! But let me tell you about our meal.

Joel and I split the Wedge Salad. It was deconstructed a bit so you could choose how much bacon, tomato, avocado, egg and blue cheese crumbles you wanted. The iceberg lettuce itself was split into three making it easy to share.

I ordered a cheeseburger and Joel ordered the fried chicken. The cheeseburger was cooked to perfection and the bun was delicious and not so big you get full right away. The chicken was really moist and flavorful on the inside and light and crispy on the outside. The restaurant uses locally-sourced ingredients as well.

We absolutely would go back to this restaurant again!

Zermatt Resort

So on the night that we went to The Hideout, it was such a mediocre experience, we decided to find a bar for a nightcap. Ummm, well it is Utah. So the bar scene is not exactly plentiful. But the one that Google found for us ended up being at this plush resort that we never would have known existed had we not ventured out a bit.

The view from the patio at the Zermatt Resort bar

Located in Midway, UT (adjacent to Heber City), the Zermatt Resort is a Swiss-inspired Chalet-style palatial estate with a spa, dining, hotel and conference space. It was hosting a wedding party the night we stopped by. There is a bar called The Pub, but it’s not easy to find and very small. It is a bar that definitely was NOT designed by someone who makes drinks. From what we’re told, it is the only bar in the Heber City area. We had a really nice time meeting the folks there and chatting with the bartender before we headed home.