Leaving the Road for the Office

Amy with a mask on at the airport traveling for work
My look after finding out my flight was delayed

One arrangement I have with my work is that I’ll come back to the office occasionally. Despite being on the road, I really like being in our office in Boulder, Colorado, too. The week of July 26 was that week. The first time making a special trip back. My takeaways: it was exhausting, but fun!

Airline Delays

My week started off a bit on the wrong foot with a flight delay. You see, when we scheduled this trip, I couldn’t find a Sunday night flight that really worked for my schedule. I was hitching a ride from a friend to Minneapolis after a big gathering at a lake cabin. And I didn’t want my schedule to force anyone to leave the cabin at 6 a.m. or anything. So I scheduled the flight for first thing on Monday morning.

In theory, I should have gotten into Denver at 9 a.m. Monday morning, but something was apparently wrong with our plane. And after boarding more than half the flight, they deplaned the passengers and found another plane for us. But that pushed us back by two hours setting up a bit of a domino effect for Monday’s plan.

Busses and Lyfts

Walking, bussing and ride sharing were the name of the game for me in Colorado. Rental cars are incredibly expensive right now, and they’re in limited supply. So I didn’t rent a car, which was fine because RTD in Denver has a great bus route from the airport to Boulder which would have taken me right to my first meeting at 11:30. Except, our delayed plane didn’t land until 10:50ish. So I scrapped the bus plan and grabbed a Lyft. It was 9x more expensive and took an hour to go what usually is about a 45 minute ride, because the driver didn’t take the toll road and had to stop for a quick bathroom break (sigh).

So there I was shaking my head, waiting in the car for her to come back from the bathroom. I eventually arrived to my meeting at 12. The stress of that part of my trip, I wish didn’t happen. Moral: if you’re a control freak like me, arrive the day before.

I stayed at my friend’s house in Longmont, outside of Boulder and took the bus to and from each city during my stay. That worked out really well, but there was a lot of walking (about 11 miles over 4 days) and much of it was in warm weather. And it took longer to get places so I had to account for that. I learned quickly to wear shorts for the walk portions, change upon arrival to work, then change back for the walk back to he bus.

The Longmont Shuttle took me back to the airport on Thursday for a quick trip to Phoenix to see my folks before heading back to Minnesota to meet back up with Joel and the pups.

Work travel

The days at the office were great. For the first time since covid began, I got to be in the office with some of my colleagues, collaborate and brainstorm. My in-person meetings were productive. And we were able to get out and do our first in-person “Mandatory Fun” since December. Our team went to Topgolf and took up three bays, had delicious food and drinks and just enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours.

One benefit to my work travel was allowing me to reconnect with friends and see our daughters! Emma (22) and Grace (19) live in the Denver/Boulder area and we were able to meet up for dinner one night. And then some friends and I hung out at a restaurant for a yummy dinner and great conversation.

Work and travel wardrobe

One quick note here, I learned that it’s not an easy balance having certain clothes you wear when you’re full-time RVing (much more casual) than when you’re at the office (business casual). I may have to rethink what I’ve kept in my closet and keep in mind versatility and what clothes travel well (in the RV and in a suitcase). More to come on this topic.

Back at the camper….

Bella, our 13-year-old lab laying under the camper
Bella didn’t want to come into the camper, but instead lay outside in 90 degree heat with high humidity

Life was a bit different for my husband back at the camper in Minnesota. Our old dog, Bella, becomes a bit belligerent when I’m not around. She’s 13 and, as she has gotten older, she’s become more of a mama’s girl. She didn’t want to come in the camper for Joel (it was in the 90s with high humidity and she’s a black lab mix with a lot of husky fur), she didn’t want to eat, either. She was fine going for walks but didn’t really want go to the bathroom. And then when Joel left for a few hours to meet up with a friend, she pooped and peed in the camper (I told you I’d be candid about the ups and downs).

So if I were to guess, this has been Joel’s LEAST favorite week since we went full-time. I head back to join Joel and the pups on Sunday, August 1, with the goal of getting our adventurous life back on the road!