From “Moochdocking” to RV Parks: July in Minnesota

Up until now, we’ve been tracking our time with weekly digests of our time on the road (e.g. Week 1 was in Wyoming, Week 2 was in Heber City, etc.). With our big trip to the west coast in our rearview mirror, in July we set our sights on the Midwest. Minnesota to be exact. Our focus during this time was to relax and not travel hundreds of miles every weekend. Instead we kicked back with friends and family at several different locations.

Traveling to Minnesota

We left our spot at Lucerne Campground (Flaming Gorge) on Friday, July 2.

As we drove Highway 530 to pick up I-80 at Green River, Wyoming, we saw many boondocking spots along the drive which runs along the Green River. The spots we saw were on the west side of Green River and it looked like there were plenty of options. Quick tip, if you need to dump you can go to Lucerne Campground ($10/dump).

We stayed at the KOA in Laramie, WY for a quick overnight and to do a little laundry that night. Then we overnighted at the Kearney RV Park and Campground in Kearney, NE.

Our last stop before Minnesota was a Harvest Hosts location on the 4th of July: the Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum. That’s a quick post all by itself, but we loved it!

Bunker Hills Campground, Minnesota

From 1998-2016 we lived in Blaine, Minnesota (where the USA Cup soccer tournament is located for all of you folks who currently are soccer parents or were previously). So when we come to Minnesota, we like to stay at Bunker Hills. It’s about a mile from the house where we raised our kids and I used to run the trails within the county park. So it feels like home. The only bummer about it is that you can only stay there 7 nights in each 30 day period, so we found ourselves bouncing around a bit during July.

Grand Casino Hinckley RV Park

The next location was the Grand Casino Hinckley RV Park. This is definitely not the sexiest RV park ever, but it is less expensive than a KOA, has full hookups with restaurants nearby and more than 300 spaces so there always seems to be at least some availability. We are calling this our “buffer spot” because it is our buffer between locations in the Twin Cities, since we’ve had to bounce around a little. With some new CoVID concerns in Minnesota, as of August 2, an indoor mask mandate was back on indoors on the property.


If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s like boondocking, but you’re staying at homes or land owned by friends and family — hence the term “mooch.” We did this twice during this trip. One was a full on boondocking experience on my friend’s 100+ acre ranch. We had the joy of celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary at my friend’s place, where she made us dinner! From there we went to another friend’s house in Cushing, MN on a lake where we stayed for a week. At this location, we had access to their cabin, water and 30 amp electric. Both were great spots and we really enjoyed them for different reasons.

It was at the Cushing location where WCCO TV caught up with us to tell their audience about our travels and how we do it.

From there — at the end of July –, I traveled to Boulder, CO for work and Joel went back to Hinckley for the week. We had a wonderful time with our friends and family. It was the first time we’d had a home-cooked meal (well, one we didn’t make) in weeks and it felt like we’d never left. We will be back in Minnesota in late August after a quick trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.