Harvest Hosts Recommendation near Des Moines, Iowa

This month we had the joy of stopping by another awesome Harvest Hosts location. The Revelton Distilling Company was more than just a place to go and taste spirits and we recommend it to anyone traveling along I-35 near Des Moines, Iowa. Just make sure you get there with time to spare.

Revelton Distilling Company

Housed in a former winery, this distillery creates everything from gin to vodka to whiskey (bourbon is on its way). Some of them have a touch of honey which we’ve found is convenient for cocktails that usually require simple syrup. The distillery is in the basement of the building and the main level is home to its tasting area and lounge, with a sexy dark blue and gold motif.

Harvest Hosting at Revelton

We arrived with another couple we were traveling to the Ozarks with on October 2, 2021 and were greeted with people gathering for a wedding reception.

We checked in with the owners who apologized for not being able to reach us and at least let us know this event was happening. We aren’t sure if this is a flaw on Harvest Hosts side? But it appears the platform wasn’t allowing them to contact us about the light conflict.

They were happy to still host us, but there just wasn’t room inside for us. So we received a menu, walked into the entry and put an order in for a charcuterie board and a few drinks. Joel had their Old Fashioned, I had a Blueberry Lemondrop and our friends each had a mule. The team put everything together for us and brought it right to our camper. How nice was that??

Then they said if we came inside at a later time, they would be able to give us a tour of the distillery if we were interested. Indeed! In fact, we were so interested, none of us took pictures! WHAT?? After the tour, we did a tasting (even though the reception was continuing) and tried their honey vodka, honey whiskey, gin, mulberry gin and whiskey and cream liqueur. We ended up getting some honey whiskey because of the flavor it added to the old fashioned (and yes, as I write this, our lone bottle is nearly gone — two weeks later). This location we absolutely would go to again. We found it super convenient, owners Rob and Christi were very hospitable and loved talking about their distillery education and adventure.

A Note for Big Rigs

While we would totally go there again, driving in was a little dicey because the driveway leading to the parking lot has an “island” of sorts to separate the incoming and outgoing traffic. But for big rigs like ours, it was a bit dicey. We would recommend upon entry, turning into the driveway but actually staying to left of both the sign and the island (counter intuitive to driving on the right). It will be a straighter shot. When we followed the right side of the road rules our camper had to jump a significant curb and we had to weave around some cement barricades, which wasn’t too fun. The parking lot was roomy enough for our rig to park along the south side of the lot and face the field where you might see a setup for grape vines.

Overall this was a great one! Happy travels!